The Delivering on Diversity Award was established by the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport to amplify the Province of BC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The inaugural recipient in 2020 was BC Golf and the 2nd Annual Delivering in Diversity winner was announced at the recent Sport BC Athlete of the Year Awards. Congratulations to PacificSport Fraser Valley led by Executive Director, Stephanie Rudnisky.

David Currie, Senior Director Sport Branch and Stephanie Rudnisky, Executive Director PacificSport Fraser Valley

The Province of British Columbia is proud to support the Delivering on Diversity Awards as an important initiative that recognizes special commitments toward diversity, equity and inclusion in sport programs and services. We believe in the power of sport, and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of sport. We also believe it is important to recognize those who have made great strides to remove barriers to participation in sport for the most under-represented groups.

PacificSport Fraser Valley was selected for their vision and commitment to meaningful change. By facilitating welcoming practices and values throughout their organization, they have embraced diversity, accessibility and inclusivity in your facilities, programs, policies and community. Whether through girls-only offers, free programs for athletes with a disability and newcomers, and supports specifically designed for Indigenous youth, you have demonstrated exceptional leadership, inspired others to follow and proved that diversity and accessibility can be achieved in the sport and recreation sector. The Province thanks PacificSport Fraser Valley for their remarkable efforts, and they are to be commended for their your initiative.

Just a few highlights accomplished by PacificSport Fraser Valley, strongly illustrates the organization, with a very small team, is committed to having a large impact in the area of diversity. Building on a grant from Sport BC to run free girls-only sport programming, they were able to create free multisport physical literacy programs from girls ages 6-15 across the Fraser Valley. They have established several successful partnerships to present programs targeting over 500 young females, new Canadians, low socio-economic status, Indigenous youth and athletes with a disability.

Of receiving the award, Stephanie Rudnisky shares, “PacificSport Fraser Valley is very honoured to receive recognition for our work in diversity and inclusion. We want to thank the Province of BC and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport for the Delivery on Diversity award. We did not get here alone, so we would like to acknowledge our Board of Directors, our partners, funders, and stakeholders that have all contributed to our work in meaningful ways. I would also like to acknowledge my incredible staff, Mackenzie Coyle, Stacy Fournier, Larisa Dillon and Teagan Johnstone who continue to find unique and creative ways to reduce barriers to sport and physical activity participation.”

All British Columbians deserve to be treated as equals, and our communities are stronger when everyone can reach their full potential. Sport BC and the amateur sport sector thanks you for making B.C. a better place to play and congratulations to PacificSport Fraser Valley for the efforts and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion.