For Immediate Release – June 16, 2020 – (Vancouver, BC)


Vancouver, BC – Sport BC announced its Board of Directors at its recent Annual General Meeting. Sport BC is the non-profit sport federation, representing 70 Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs), and Disability Sport Organizations (DSOs) in British Columbia. As a member-based organization, Sport BC offers services and programs to build the capacity of our members and advocate on their behalf to improve the landscape for organized sport in BC.

Sport BC is led by a Board of Directors who were confirmed at the organization’s recent electronic Annual General Meeting, held on May 27, 2021. Sport BC is proud to announce its Board of Directors who will be guiding the organization:


  • Chair, Blair Lowther
  • Vice-Chair, Lisa Kwiatkowski
  • Director, Greg White
  • Director, Mario Ramos
  • Director, Jennifer Fenton
  • Director, Sandi Swanigan

Sport BC Chair Blair Lowther shares, “The primary focus of Sport BC has been to support our members – we know as a sport collective we continue to strengthen the connection between members while supporting one another. Sport BC members have stayed connected as a community proving that collaboration is a valuable tool for all of us. At Sport BC we believe in the transformative power of sport and our Board and staff team are committed to doing everything we can to support our member organizations.”

Rob Newman, President and CEO of Sport BC says, “Sport BC has worked to serve its membership for more than fifty years, with the last year being a true testament of collaboration. Our Board, Staff team and members have been working to ensure sport is ready to thrive when it is safe to do so. We know, now more than ever, there is strength in membership. Thank you to our members, the leaders of amateur sport, for choosing Sport BC and for your dedicated efforts to provide opportunities in sport for all British Columbians.”

The 2020-2021 activities of Sport BC were shared at the Annual General Meeting and highlights are in the organization’s Annual Report which can be accessed at      



About Sport BC

Sport BC believes in the power of sport and is committed to building stronger communities through positive sport experiences. Our goal is to enhance and support sport participation in British Columbia ensuring everyone has the opportunity to thrive through sport. Through KidSport BC, BC Amateur Sport Fund, and ProMOTION Plus along with our services Sport BC Insurance, and Payroll and Group Benefits; Sport BC supports our seventy member organizations. Keep up to date @SportBC #PoweredBySportBC

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