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Thank you for your interest in utilizing Zoom conferencing for your sport organizational needs.

Sport BC heard your need for support to access and implement technology that helps to transition to work from home plans, virtual meeting, and virtual program delivery. Sport BC is offering their Zoom account to members as a service. This allows Sport BC to host video conferencing meetings with up to 100 participants for unlimited minutes.

To use this service, please read the following important information:

Booking Information

  • Only one meeting can be scheduled at a time – the member host will need to provide more than one booking option should your first choice not be available.
  • Bookings will be made on a first come first serve basis.
  • Once the meeting sign-up form has been completed, a notification email will be sent directly to a Sport BC employee
  • Sport BC will be responsible to administer and schedule all member meetings.

Booking Form

Host Member Logistics

  • Sport BC does not need to be present for the meeting to occur or for shared screen functionality
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, the member host MUST ensure that they end the meeting for all at the close of the meeting.


At Sport BC, services and advocacy are at the heart of how we help our member sport organizations grow and succeed. Sport BC provides a wide range of services aimed at benefiting our members and participants in amateur sport, including Sport BC’s Zoom for Members – at no cost!