The BC Sport Sector and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

    • The BC Sport Alliance, consisting of 2010 Legacies Now, BC Games Society, Canadian Sport Centre Pacific and Sport BC, announced key areas of impact as a result of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in advance of the one-year anniversary on February 12.
  • While the full impact of hosting the Games in British Columbia will not be completely measured for several years, B.C.’s sport sector is already experiencing notable positive trends, including:
      • A Significant growth in membership for the majority of winter Provincial Sport Organizations leading up to the Games


      • Increase in the number of B.C. athletes on national teams with opportunities to achieve success


      • Increased international sport volunteer, which have provided growth and depth to B.C.’s sport volunteer workforce


      • Recognition of sport’s impact on community building and preventative health care leading to sustained government investment


    • New and improved sport facilities, which offer a legacy for B.C. communities and the sport sector as a whole


“B.C.’s Provincial Sport Organizations made a huge contribution to the success of the Games by providing skilled technical volunteers and staff to participate in the Sport workforce. Within VANOC there was a workforce in Sport of close to 5,000 people largely made up of British Columbians . . . these volunteers and staff have gone back to their community clubs, associations and sport organizations, and continue to donate their free time to make sport happen in the province.”

– Tim Gayda, Sport BC’s former president and CEO and former VANOC VP of Sport.

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