Thank You to Supporters From Cycling BC Provincial Team

Members of Cycling BC’s Provincial Team gathered together at the Vancouver Convention Centre to introduce their new team clothing for this year.

The summer has been a very busy season for Provincial Team riders, as many are training nationally and internationally in different parts of the world, such as in Switzerland and Belgium. Others are also gearing up for the much anticipated Tour of California. Cycling BC is thrilled to have a fantastic number of riders out training for competitions thanks to their strong sponsors over the past years. Cycling supporters, volunteers, staff and coaches have helped cycling become the sport it is today at all levels, from the playground to podium.

Cycling BC would like to thank all those who made it possible for this special gathering at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Especially to those who are parents, partners, friends and family.

A very special thanks goes  to Michelle Schwingboth for volunteering her time and photography skills.(