Provincial Sport Organizations/Clubs

Sport BC is pleased to make this program available to its members and their affiliates.

Please refer to the donor page for information on donors making contributions.



Can my organization/club use the National Sport Trust Fund?

In order for your organization/club to use the National Sport Trust Fund, the following criteria must be met:

  • Your organization/club must be a current member in good standing with your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO)
  • Your Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) must be a current member of Sport BC
  • Adhere to policies and procedures that support the integrity of the National Sport Trust Fund

How does an organization/club open a project with the National Sport Trust Fund?

  • Fill out the project application form which includes, the description of the project, how the proceeds will be used, and how the project will assist in promoting/developing amateur sport on a national level. A copy of the budget and promotional material is also needed. Indicate how the NSTF donations will be used in the expense section of the budget.

What eligible projects can an organization/club open?

  •  Programs that highlight the development of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteer administrators and infrastructure. Such as: a scholarship fund to assist athletes that contributes to meet both sport and academic goals, a fund to cover costs of team development, club development fund, capital costs, facility costs or equipment costs
  • Situations to avoid: A parent makes a donation to the club of which his child belongs to and he receives a tax receipt for his contribution. The parent may receive an indirect benefit since the club may distribute these funds back to the athlete as support. Please note that a donation is supposed to be a voluntary contribution where the donor receives no benefit except for a tax receipt. Contact us if you are unsure that your application will meet the criteria as an eligible project or you may refer to the Operating Manual.

How does an organization/club submit donations to the National Sport Trust Fund?

  • Online Donations
    Online Donations do not require any additional information. We will have all the required information once the transaction has been processed online. Please
  • Online donations can only be contributed by credit card payments. *Please note that the projects are organized based on their sport category.
  • Cheque/Cash Donations
    Please mail us the Donor Forms along with the form of payment. We do advise mailing direct cash, because of the possibility of it being lost in the mail. If donors donate by cash,  deposit the funds to your organization, and write a cheque back to us for that amount. This is a safer method for handling cash donations.
  • Credit Card Donations (not online donations)
    Please either mail, fax or email us the Donor Forms

Our organization has already sent in the donations to the National Sport Trust Fund. How do we get those funds transferred back to our organization now?

  • There is a 30 day waiting period from the day that we receive the donation. After this waiting period, the organization will need to submit a Grant Request Form indicating the amount of funding you wish to apply for. The funds are sent to the sport organization – net of administration fees (see the operating manual for fee breakdown). Please allow 3 to 4 weeks of processing time before you receive the cheque in the mail.

What is the project report form for?

  • Please fill this form out whenever you receive a cheque from the National Sport Trust Fund. This form indicates how the funds were used within your project, and it is a record-keeping tool for auditing purposes. Proof of disbursement (eg. Receipts) do not need to be attached, but please keep them on file in case they are needed in the future.

What kind of records do I need to keep on hand in case of an audit of our fundraising event for which tax receipts were issued?

  • Approved project application and approval letter
  • Copy of project reports
  • Copy of donors’ cheques and donor forms
  • Copy of CCPTSF British Columbia Chapter cheques to applicant for fund release
  • Bank statements showing deposits and disbursements relating to the fundraising project
  • Expenditure receipts
  • Financial statements relating to the fundraising project
  • General books and accounts containing transactions relating to the fundraising project

When donations are made online via credit card how will our organization know about these donations?

  • Each month, we send an email informing project administrators of donations that have been received in the previous month. This includes all donations via cheque, online, and credit card.  *Please keep your email address(s) up to date

Can sponsors receive donation tax receipts?

  • Unfortunately, the National Sport Trust Fund does not issue tax receipts to sponsors. A sponsorship is an exchange of benefits between two parties and/or a binding contract. Sponsors receive advertising or promotional exchange for their donation. The contribution is not voluntary and is being given with a benefit to the donor. Please refer to the Operating Manual to see what is considered a qualified gift.

Our project has expired and I would like to extend the completion date or renew the project. How do I renew the project?

There are two ways that projects can be renewed: 

  •  Fill out the project renewal form indicating the new dates. or
  • Indicate the extension date when you are filling out the project report form.

What is the charity or CRA number for the National Sport Trust Fund?

  • This number, 88938 6868 RR0001, can be found at the bottom of the donor form.


For further information, please contact:

Jocelyn Bastow

Phone: 604.333.3416