Why make a donation to amateur sport?
Increasing sport participation is a strategy for improving the health of Canadians and could significantly reduce health care costs. Your donation to Sport BC or any of its member organizations will help us do more to encourage and support participation in amateur sport across British Columbia, while assisting with specific and identified fundraising projects.



 Gift-Giving Options:

Donor Services & Rights: We will work with each donor to ensure that spirit and intent of their gift is honoured. To ensure that donors and potential donors can have full confidence in the National Sport Trust Fund, and in respect for the cause that we support together, the National Sport Trust Fund has adopted and implemented the Association of Fundraising Professional’s Donor Bill of Rights.

Confidentiality and Your Contact Information: The National Sport Trust Fund protects the privacy of your information. Names and address are never traded or sold in lists, and your financial information is never divulged or maintained for any purpose other than required by the Canada Revenue Agency.



I am making a donation via cheque, but who should I make the cheque payable to?

  • The cheque should be made payable to the National Sport Trust Fund. Please do not write the cheque payable to the organization/club that you are donating to as they are not the registered charity who will be issuing the donation receipt to you.

Can I make recurring monthly or annual contributions online?

  • Unfortunately that option is unavailable online right now. However, we may do that for you if you send us the National Sport Trust Fund Donor Form indicating how you would like to spread your donation over time under the payment section. Please remember to contact us with your new credit card information if your credit card expires before the pledge has finished.

My child is going to an out of province competition and the cost per athlete to attend is $1,000. Can I get a tax receipt for my contribution?

  • No, child is getting a direct benefit out of participating in this event, the contribution is not voluntary, and thus it is not considered to be a deductible gift.

Can I make a donation to a club and have the membership fees for my child or grandchild waived?

  • No, your child  is getting a direct benefit out of participating with this club, the contribution is not voluntary, and thus it is not considered to be a deductible gift.

Can I receive a receipt for a donation directed to support a specific individual (athlete, coach, etc.)?

  • No, you can donate to a cause but cannot direct your donation to benefit a specific individual. The charity must decide how donations are to be utilized not the donor.

I am a business wishing to make a contribution. Which form do I fill out?

  • Businesses/Corporations will fill out the same form as an individual which is the National Sport Trust Fund Donor Form. Please write down the business name in the donor information section on the form.

When will I receive my donation tax receipt?

  • At present donation receipts are processed and issued annually when the calendar year has finished. Donors will receive them in late January / early February of the following year. For example, if you made a donation in September 2016, then you will receive the tax receipt in February 2017 related to the 2016 fiscal year. If you made a donation in January 2016, then you will receive the tax receipt in February 2017 as well.

How will my donation be transferred back to the organization/club that I would like to support?

  • Please indicate the project name or number on the donor form so that we know which organization/club the funds should be directed to. If you are donating online, then please remember to select the correct project before you submit the donation.

How do I donate stocks or securities to an organization/club?

  • Please contact us for the required information and instructions if you would like to donate stocks/securities. You will need to download a copy of the National Sport Trust Fund Stock Donations Form. You will also need to speak with your broker and provide them with the information given by us.


For further information, please contact:

Jocelyn Bastow

Phone: 604.333.3416