Hope Community Sport Hero® Awards

Hope Community Sport Hero® Awards

Helen Sherman
Helen has been a volunteer for Hope & District Minor Hockey for over 8 years. She is currently the Registrar of the Association, Tournament Coordinator and Team Manager. She also put together in less than a week a fundraiser for a long time family of Minor Hockey who tragically lost their daughter. In less than a week she put together more than $2,200 for the family to offset funeral costs. Helen almost single handedly runs the Hope & District Minor Hockey – the official title of Registrar is not enough. The countless hours she puts in 12 months of the year for the players and parents of this organization is incredible and most of them don’t even know how much she does for them. She even has helped our neighboring association, Chilliwack, when they hired a new office manager – it was Helen who spent hours on the phone and in person helping them get organized. She mentors the new volunteers on the executive and helps them with their tasks, when their is a tournament she is there helping whoever to get all that needs to be done and she is just always there to do whatever is needed so that the organization runs smoothly.

Helen  Sherman Pasquale  Pascucci

Pasquale (Pas) Pascucci
Pas has been involved with the minor hockey for 10+ years. He has been a ref in chief, has mentored young officials and has volunteered his time evaluating these young officials. He is also an official level 2. He has often been on the ice with the young officials acting as a shadow and helping them out. He has also been involved with Hope Minor Lacrosse as President of the association and as a assistant coach.

Rick Piechotta
Hope Secondary teacher, Rick Piechotta, has volunteered thousands of hours of his time to a variety of sports. He got involved in coaching and refing minor and high school soccer in the 1980s — and he continues to support the game by lining the local fields. About the same time, he started coaching high school basketball and he has continued this, off and on, right up to this year. Rick has also been an ardent promoter and developer of local trails. He helped obtain grants to employ local youths to build trails on Mount Hope. The “Hope Lookout” trail is now Hope’s version of the “Grouse Grind”. The mountain lakes of the Silver/Skagit valleys have been calling Rick’s name for many years and he has enthusiastically guided friends on overnighters, packing along an inflatable boat to improve the fishing. Rick also leads his outdoors classes on many overnighters, even in the winter, instilling in them a love for the outdoors.

Rick  Piechotta

Scott Benwell
Scott Benwell is an innovator, taking underfunded School Curriculum and using volunteers and non profits to not only continue the program but enhance and expand the programs. The Hope Mountain School Society is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for thousands of kids to experience the great outdoors, and mountaineering. His leadership continues to remove barriers to these activities by ensuring equipment is supplied. His personal involvement has breathed life into this model which should be celebrated and rewarded.

Cathy Hirst
Cathy Hirst saved Hope Minor Ball from being abandoned. When her twins were in T-Ball she saw a need for coaching and volunteered, soon becoming the president of Hope Minor Ball. She noticed that many of the kids did not even have ball-gloves or the right shoes and bought them herself. Now many of the kids had the opportunity to play ball. She did this selflessly for many years and finally had to retire her hat.

Georgina  Rice

Georgina Rice
Georgina Rice has been the club’s secretary and active member for over 15 years. She consistently attends all planning meetings and efficiently submits upcoming Hope Outdoor Club events to the local newspaper, the Hope Standard and to the Community Television Channel to advise and invite visitors to Hope and other non-members to participate in the activities. She is a competent leader for hikes and bicycle outings and is always willing to cover for another leader if needed.

Inge Wilson
Inge is an active member of the Hope Outdoors Club (since 1999). She assists them in the planning and leading of outings plus helps to promote the club through media releases, a community Health Fair display and more. She has also been coordinating Adult drop-in Badminton on behalf of Hope & District Recreation and Cultural Services (as a volunteer) for more than 5 years; during that time it has grown from a weekly activity to a twice weekly activity throughout the school year. Inge was also a member of the fundraising committee for the Dan Sharrers Aquatic Centre/recreation facilities and spearheaded the project to erect lights on the premier ball diamond in Hope to allow for night play. Even though Inge is not a baseball player and she has rarely taken the opportunity to make use of the indoor pool – she became involved in those projects to improve the quality of life in Hope and to make our community more attractive to new residents, which was important to her.

Award accepted by Steve Wilson

Inge Wilson Bud Ashdown

Bud Ashdown
Bud was a founding member when the Hope Outdoors Club was established in 1984/85. He has been an active leader of many hikes, walks, bicycle and x-country skiing outings. He has also been a driving force in establishing new hiking trails and trail maintenance in this area. He was an excellent leader, never holding back the enthusiastic fast hikers, but always taking care, either himself or by appointing another competent hiker to stay with and encourage the people in the rear. While on hikes, Bud always had a pair of clippers in his hand and snipped away at any branches that were encroaching on the trail. Though due to poor health Bud has been unable to participate in physical Hope Outdoors Club events, he remains a member of the club and is still valued as a resource person.