Junior Female Athlete of the Year

This award recognizes extraordinary athletic performance by a female athlete who is competing on a team or in an individual sport in BC.


  • Any female athlete 18 years of age or younger on January 1, 2013 is eligible.
  • Nominees will be judged for their performance in 2013 only.
  • An athlete can be nominated in only one category and only by a member organization of Sport BC.
  • Nominees will be considered on the basis of their amateur performance only (by definition of the Provincial Sport Organization).
  • Eligible athletes are those who have resided in British Columbia for the 2013 calendar year or those who received the majority of their sport development in British Columbia before relocating.
  • Sport BC member organizations may submit only one nominee in this category.
  • Previous Award Winners


  • Only typewritten or word-processed nominations will be accepted
  • We reserve the right to seek additional nominations at any time and the right to decline nominations
  • Please include an action photo of the nominee in jpg or eps format with a minimum of 300 pixels per inch

For a print version of the form for this award, click here

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Supporting Information: Please e-mail (info@sportbc.com)other comments, facts, and figures for the selection committee to consider. Only one page single spaced of information will be accepted. Newspaper clippings are acceptable as part of the additional page of information.

The information collected on this nomination form will be kept confidential, and will be used solely for the purpose of the Athlete of the Year Awards.