Membership Information

For over fifty years, Sport BC has proudly been the federation for organized amateur sport in British Columbia, representing more than 50 Provincial Sport Organizations, as the voice of amateur sport in British Columbia.

Who can become a member organization of Sport BC?

As a member organization of Sport BC, you fall into one of two Membership categories: Voting Members and Non-Voting Members.

Voting Members:

  • Voting Members shall be societies or corporations admitted to membership upon meeting and
    maintaining qualifications of voting membership as set out by Sport BC Constitution and By-Laws

Non-Voting Members:

  • Honorary Members shall be individuals recommended by the Directors and appointed on the basis of the qualifications set out by Sport BC Constitution and By-Laws

Qualifications of Membership:

  • The Provincial Sport Organization in British Columbia recognized under the authority of the Canadian National Sport Organization for that sport or BC Provincial Government,  as determined by the Directors.
  • A BC registered society, or corporation operating as a Multi-Sport Organization in which coordinates a specific aspect of sport throughout British Columbia is eligible to be a member, if approved by the Directors.
  • An Honorary Member shall be an individual who has shown long-term and outstanding support for Sport BC

How do I become a member?