Hosting BC funding intake deadline approaching soon

Hosting BC provides financial grants to organizations throughout British Columbia to host sport events and has expanded its criteria after being re-launched in late 2010.

The first intake funding was provided to 69 events representing 43 sports and 28 communities. The deadline for the next intake for Hosting BC funding is April 28, 2011.  The program guidelines and online application can be found at

Quick tip:
Read the Hosting BC Program Guidelines before completing the application form. The Hosting BC Application Best Practices document can also provide valuable  tips and examples to assist you in preparing your application.
  • All questions in the application form must be answered and you must use the online form below to submit your application (no other forms will be accepted).
  • The entire application must be completed at one time.  It is suggested that you write your information in a Word document and then copy and paste the text into the online form.
  • Question 15 requires applicants to submit letters of support.  Please combine all letters into one document to upload and ensure the event name is in the file name.
  • Question 28 requires applicants to submit a budget document.  Click here to download the budget spreadsheet.  Use this spreadsheet to calculate your budget and then upload this document as directed in question 34. 
  • Before you submit your application, it is recommended that you review your answers and print the application for your records.  The printed online form will not show all of the entered text however, a confirmation email including all entered information will be sent within 48 hours of receiving your application.  

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